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8.2. Microsoft Visual Studio Integration

8.2.1. Overview

Eazfuscator.NET integration with Microsoft Visual Studio™ is crafted to be as useful as possible while keeping the tiny footprint and visual presence.

8.2.2. How Does It Work?

Eazfuscator.NET integration comes in a form of Visual Studio extension which is installed as a part of Eazfuscator.NET setup. The basic thing it provides is ToolsEazfuscator.NET menu item right inside the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE:

Launching Eazfuscator.NET from Microsoft Visual Studio

With the help of that menu item, you can launch Eazfuscator.NET and protect or unprotect the projects as usual:

Drag and drop a Visual Studio project into the green zone of Eazfuscator.NET

8.2.3. Code Completion and Suggestions

Once a project is protected with Eazfuscator.NET, you will be offered with IntelliSense code completion and suggestions for obfuscation directives:

Eazfuscator.NET code completion and suggestions in Microsoft Visual Studio

8.2.4. Help System

Visual Studio integration allows you to get an immediate help for any Eazfuscator.NET directive. Just press F1 in the text editor.


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