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5.9. Deterministic Obfuscation

Deterministic obfuscation allows to produce an assembly whose byte-for-byte output is identical across obfuscations for identical inputs.

By default, obfuscator output from a given set of inputs is unique, since the obfuscator uses randomly generated cryptographic material for every obfuscation. You can use deterministic obfuscation directive or command-line parameter to produce a deterministic assembly, one whose binary content is identical across obfuscations as long as the input remains the same. In such an obfuscation, the cryptographic material is derived from a hash of all obfuscation inputs. The obfuscator considers the following inputs that affect determinism:

  • The precise version of the obfuscator used
  • The binary contents of the assembly files explicitly passed to the obfuscator as inputs
  • The obfuscator license key

Instructions on enabling deterministic obfuscation

  1. Open obfuscatable project inside the IDE
  2. Add new source file to the project and call it ObfuscationSettings.cs (for C#) or ObfuscationSettings.vb (for Visual Basic .NET). You may prefer to use another name instead of ObfuscationSettings.cs or ObfuscationSettings.vb
  3. Fill ObfuscationSettings.cs with the following content (C#):

    using System;
    using System.Reflection;
    [assembly: Obfuscation(Feature = "deterministic", Exclude = false)]

    For Visual Basic .NET, fill ObfuscationSettings.vb with the following content:

    Imports System
    Imports System.Reflection
    <Assembly: Obfuscation(Feature:="deterministic", Exclude:=False)>

Alternatively, deterministic obfuscation can be enabled by specifying --deterministic option in the command-line interface of Eazfuscator.NET or by setting EAZFUSCATOR_NET_DETERMINISTIC environment variable to 1.


Deterministic obfuscation is only available in the Enterprise edition of Eazfuscator.NET (Site License).


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