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10.2. Troubleshooting Features

Troubleshooting features is a special set of features that helps to solve the most common problems which can appear after obfuscation. This set of features can be accessed by expanding Eazfuscator.NET Assistant window as shown below:

Eazfuscator.NET Assistant floating window

Expanded Eazfuscator.NET Assistant window looks as shown below:

Expanded Eazfuscator.NET Assistant floating window

10.2.1. Stack Trace Decoding

Stack trace decoding is a feature which is designed to be used in conjunction with symbol encryption. Stack trace decoding can be used to decode error stack traces and log files which contain symbol names. To be able to use stack trace decoding, symbol encryption should be setup for your product first.

Stack trace decoding user interface consists of two main parts: stack trace decoding zone and decoding window. Let's overview them both below.

Stack Trace Decoding Zone

Stack trace decoding zone has the following look:

Stack trace decoding zone

This zone supports text and text file drag and drop. Also it's possible to double-click the zone.

Stack Trace Decoder Window

Stack trace decoder window appears whenever corresponding zone gets drag and dropped with text or text file or double-clicked. This window has the following look:

Stack trace decoder window

As you can see it's possible to enter password and obfuscated text in the window above. When you enter text with encoded symbol names and corresponding password then you can easily decode it by pressing Decode button.

Please note that you can use drag and drop operations to deliver encoded text from different sources such as text files, fields and editors.


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