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Chapter 10. Troubleshooting

10.1. My application is not working properly after obfuscation. Why does it happen?

The answer is the most probably your application uses reflection. Eazfuscator.NET analyzes assemblies for reflection scenarios but analysis algorithm is heuristic – that's why it is not 100% reliable at the moment. So assembly functionality depended on reflection may unintentionally suffer. Eazfuscator.NET is quite smart about data serialization, visualization and other reflection appliances but sometimes it may fail in its decisions.


Theoretically, it is possible to create an obfuscator with 99.99% reliable reflection analysis engine but it is too difficult to solve this problem in a formal way. However Eazfuscator.NET is becoming smarter with each new release so maybe someday it will have a near-formal reflection analyzer.

Any reflection-related problem can be fixed manually with declarative obfuscation using custom attributes.


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